1927 House: Two Bath Remodels

The remodel of the two Bathrooms on the second floor of this 1927 home in Portland’s west hills was the main focus of this project.

The existing Master Bath had the original pedestal sink, toilet and bath with tile shower. The Owners wanted to update the Bath and add some features. The Master Bath took its needed additional space from a communicating walk through closet off the adjacent Bedroom. The found space was used to provide privacy for the toilet and to add a separate shower enclosure. The new shower enclosure was surfaced in full height and width slabs of granite. The new tub was enclosed in granite slabs and raised 6 inches higher than typical to allow a better view out of the window at the end of the tub. Storage in the Master Bath was enclosed in slab granite. The floor was surfaced in stone tile. Hydronic heat was added beneath the tile. All the table lamps in the Master Bath are dimmed at the door switch.

In the Guest bath recessed lighting was added as well as a new marble slab shower. The floor was surfaced in matching marble tile. Wall sconce lights were placed on each side of the new framed mirror.