1975 Dining Room and Porch Addition

Expanding the existing small Dining Area and adding a convertible Screened/Glass Enclosed Porch doubled the entertainment area of this modest 70’s custom home. During the construction the entire metal roof was replaced and additional rigid insulation was installed above the existing roof insulation.

Adding the Covered Porch with a fireplace and gas grill allowed for the introduction of an increased ceiling height in the new expanded Dining Area. The perimeter of the Porch has interchangeable full-height tempered glass panels and screen panels. A high volume exhaust hood has been placed over the gas grill and a make-up air system was designed to allow for the large volume of air to exhaust during the winter when the tempered glass panels are in place. The owner is an accomplished cook and can now grill all year round. The slate tile that was used on the face of the fireplace and grill as well as the floor of the Covered Porch was incorporated around the existing Living Room fireplace and as a new floor finish in the Entry.

New cable lighting was used in the Living Room that has an exposed wood deck ceiling. Recessed ceiling lights were used in the new Dining Room to highlight wall art and the Owner’s extensive pottery collection displayed in a vintage breakfront. The chandelier over the dining table is a reused vintage light fixture from Rejuvenation. The incorporation of the new finish materials from the addition in the existing home and the introduction of new lighting in the Living Room reinforces the feeling that the addition was part of the original construction.